"I can absolutely recommend Renee for any work you may want done. This item was custom designed and made to work with a bitless bridal. Renee is a genius!" - Ron Houison

    "I'm so impressed words can't describe it! I had something good pictured in my head when I asked Renee if she could do this and the end result is way past amazing!!! It's brilliant, fantastic amazing all rolled into one!! It's better then anything I had pictured in my head!! But I guess that's what you get when you leave it in the hands of a master tradeswomen! Can't describe how impressed I am, thanks again Renee another amazing job from an amazing tradeswomen" - Daniel Scutts

    "Renee is amazing and you will be so impressed with her. She makes sure everything is right before proceeding. Hope u decide to catch up with her. You will be thrilled if u do" - Jo Marshall

    "I had Renee make me one of these hand carved belts and they are just stunning. Made it the colour and length that I wanted plus got to choose the tooling. Very happy and would recommend them to anyone!" - Janine Madden

    "just received my axe and sheath in the mail. the sheath looks even better now i have it than it did in the photo really amazing work." - Lewis Williams

    "Thought you would like to see some pics of the happy owner of a beautiful new saddle. Very happy little girl, I can tell you. Thank you so much for such a beautiful job, while in Sydney that weekend I got it out at every opportunity to show people everyone was so impressed.
    Sienna has her first show this weekend riding in her new saddle, we are all off to the Bedgerebong show west of Forbes, should be fun. I think she will get many comments on her beautiful saddle, thankyou so much" - Anne Burns, Maria Ardis & Sienna Rose Ardis.

    "I have the bridle in the dinning room hanging off the chair, every one who walks in views your beautiful craftsmanship!! LOVE IT, THANKS RENEE- LEGEND!" -Maria

    "Your detail and workmanship is to be highly commended - they were the most beautiful saddles I have seen and I would have liked to spend longer at your stall but unfortunately on the day I had other time commitments. It is wonderful to see someone so young and talented making a name for themselves . Thankyou also for your patience in answering my questions and the detail you go into to ensure the saddle is the correct fit etc . I hope to be in touch in the future and purchase a saddle from you , many thanks once again "- Kyleigh Oberekar

    "Thank you Renee Matthews for the beautiful bridle and breastplate. The quality and workmanship is just awesome! Reckon my honey will look pretty good in this" Shelley Cowan

    "Top Saddler,  beautiful work!"- Shanton Smith

    "Beautiful Craftsmanship" - Michelle Honeycutt

    "exceptional hand tooled work" - Tony Curran

    "Would have to be the nicest saddles I've seen, you are very talented, all the best" - Bernadette Apps

    "Beautiful work!!!" - Ernie Girish

    "Hey Renee. Wanted to let you know that I did the Goulburn Charity Ride in my Saddle (25 - 30km) and it was so comfortable!! It's still a new saddle but no soreness during the day thank you again for it!!" -Leanne Arthur

    "Renee Matthews, I thought it would be comfortable after doing the short test ride in your loaned saddle but this saddle exceeded my expectations. It is the most comfortable saddle I have sat in and I have sat in lots over the years. Great work!!" - Steve Prince

    "very nice work! As good as any I've seen"- Rick Klein

    "I was thrilled to bits with the new saddle. It was so comfortable and Felix felt like a different horse. It fit him perfectly. No wobbles like his old saddle. You certainly make the best saddle that I've ridden in. Deb the lady where we go rode in it too, she was very impressed. Think she preferred yours to her 20 year old one. Very impressed, I'm so pleased we came to you to have our saddle made." - Danielle Bourke

    "Today I rode in my new saddle and it was amazing! I had no problems whatsoever, and the ride was extremely comfortable, the saddle did not squeak or move around either. I love new saddle! Thank you so much for making it, I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! I especially love the barbed wire design! You have a very happy and satisfided customer"  - Charlotte Bourke

    "Just want to thank Renee Matthews for my saddle it is so comfy for me and Rok , I'm impressed cause he actually stands still while putting it on. Looking forward to using the reins to match they look fantastic and the leather is nice and soft. Anyone looking for a saddle etc I would suggest Renee she is full of knowledge too, thanks again Renee" - Annette Hughes

    Absolutely stoked with my new fender saddle made by Renee Matthews! Looks even better in real life! - Renee Ryan (Sydney Trail Riding Centre)


    "Can highly recommend, I have had a bridle and breastplate made by Renee and it is superb leather and beautifully stitched. Love it. Worth the money" - Gail Baker

     "Would Like to thank Matthews Saddlery for my beaut, well made Wade ropin' saddle for my Stock horse.
    Renee's attention to detail and workmanship is outstanding and she was always willing to listen and/or clarify any questions no matter how big or small through the whole planning and building process.
    The rigging is setu...p perfectly for even weight distribution which allows the horse to move correctly and freely under the saddle while the close contact seat allows clear and precise signals.
    More then happy with the fit and finish, rides like a dream, without a doubt the most comfortable saddle Ive ever ridden in.
    I'm now in the process of ordering another one for the Quarter horse. I highly recommend Matthews saddlery."
    - Jeremy Newling



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